Saturday, July 16, 2005

[LinkedinBlogger] Something Konstantin Said..

Some have asked me about my passion for Linkedin and
what drives me to invest so much time in creating so
many vehicles focusing on Linkedin rather than other
platforms that we're all well aware of. 

For me, it's very simple to answer and its simplicity
derives from something Konstantin Guericke says in his
Linkedin Profile at:

There, Konstantin says,

"LinkedIn demonstrates that the business world is a
much smaller place than people commonly think, and I
hope people will learn from this that it's best to
behave as if you live in a small town where you can't
hide things and your actions determine your

I cannot possibly put into words how powerfully
consonant that single sentence is with my own
worldview of networking - whether business, social, or
a hybrid of them.  (Especially since I'm behind
schedule today! :-))  

The worldview in that simple statement is my
worldview.  It's how I look at things. It's the way I
prefer to be, though, as yet, I've not been as
successful as I'd prefer to be in living up to the
standard.  But, as a publically declared dreamer,
demonstrating my dreaming penchant right in front of
you, it's the dream I am happy to throw my complete
energy, strength, and imagination into pursuing. 

If Linkedin management believes and practices that
statement, then, irrespective of its technology, it's
the exact right place for me to practice networking.
I'll learn its technology if its principles of
operation are sound.   Konstantin's profile statement
suggests that Linkedin's principles are sound enough
for my best efforts.

Vincent Wright
My Linkedin Power Forum

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Friday, July 15, 2005

[LinkedinBlogger] ADMIN: Ending a Conversation, Starting the MLPF RAP Group!

Because I want to help keep MLPF the most valuable
place on the Internet for you to learn about Linkedin
and because I don't want to be culpable in suppressing
your rights to free speech in talking about religion
and politics, I've set up the MLPF RAP Group!

No, it's not a "rap" group!  You don't have to worry
about "gittin' jiggy wit it"! :-)

MLPF RAP is a place for MLPF members who want to rap
about Religion And Politics to talk - as MUCH as they

To be clear: MLPF does not suppress free speech - it
narrows free speech to the subject at hand.   MLPF's
mission is to focus on helping Linkedin members to
power up their networking through lively discussion,
tools, and techniques related to our use of as a networking/referral platform.

MLPF-RAP is a place for members of MLPF to come and
talk about Religion and Politics until they are blue
in the face.  (And that is not to be prejudicial
against any other colors in the spectrum of human face
colors! :-)) 

Talk as much as you want about Religion.

Talk as much as you want about Politics.

If your blood boils about something, let it help you
to write out your true feelings.

But, as MLPF members, I encourage you to try to
convert all your conversations into a positive
conclusion.  (After all, we're still about networking.
And networking is about building up, not tearing

Because you will be able to say what you want about
religion and politics, and anything else here on MLPF
RAP, this site will NOT be an RSS site.  (It is for
your own networking protection to keep your religious
and political views as private as we can make them
here in this MLPF RAP group!)

Come!  RAP to your heart's delight on MLPF RAP!

Your playful, but insistent, Moderator,
Vincent Wright
Creator/Moderator, My Linkedin Power Forum
SKYPE = WrightWayCoaching

Vincent Wright

Creator, My Linkedin Power Forum

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Monday, July 11, 2005

[LinkedinBlogger] Seeking Recommendations for Networker of the Month for July 2005

I realize that we're already on day 12 of the month of
July but, I thought I'd seek your input for anyone you
see who might be N.E.T.W.O.R.K.I.N.G. the right way.

I'd like to be clear: This is not about social
science.  It's about our mutual INSPIRATION - It's
about whether someone has created a favorable enough
impression on us for us to express it publicly - and
to help keep us going in our networking on days when
we may feel too drained to continue on our own.

Here are the 10 N.E.T.W.O.R.K.I.N.G. criteria I'd
prefer to work with but I'm open to others which you
feel are more compelling:

1. Network - Does the person have or intend to have a
vibrantly alive network?

2. Energy - Does the person let their energy shine
through their creativity & knowledge?

3. Thoughtfulness - Is the person THOUGHTFUL in
sharing with others? 

4. Work - Does the person DO GOOD QUALITY WORK?

5. Organization - Is the person organized enough to
minimize wasting other networkers’ time?

6. Recruiting - Can the person recruit a wide variety
of people to hold the network together?

7. Knowledge - Does the person have current & relevant
knowledge of the networking field?

8. Interdependence - Does the person work well
independently as well as with others?

9. Nurturance - Does the person add value &
encouragement to the people in their network?

10. Givers Gain - Does the person use giving as a way
of networking for life?

I'd like to invite you to join me in bringing good
networkers to the attention of My Linkedin Power

Please send your private recommendations to me at

MyLinkedinPowerForum-owner AT


Vincent AT

Vincent Wright
12 July 2005

Vincent Wright

Creator, My Linkedin Power Forum

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[LinkedinBlogger] COURTESY Ratings for Snippers who SNIP was Re: Responsiveness ratings for Forwarders and Contacts

Does anyone here care to advance a civil means of
getting the professionals on this forum to simply snip
their messages?

It's amazing to me that such brilliant men and women -
men and women who can solve all kinds of issues and
demonstrate such beautiful thinking skills - cannot
self-moderate on such a simple subject as snipping

At a certain level, isn't snipping also demonstrative
of your concern, your respect for others?  If nothing
else, snipping your messages is an exercise in

And is it possible to be a good networker without
being proficient at such simple graces as courtesy?
Concern? Respect? Thoughtfulness?

Out of courtesy and respect for you, I've snipped the
5,226 characters in the unsnipped messages that
generated this plea.

11 July 2005

Vincent Wright

Creator, My Linkedin Power Forum

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