Wednesday, June 22, 2005

[LinkedinBlogger] Givers Gain + MyJobGenius is now MyJobTIGER!

On June 17th, I was surprised by a gift to me of a 3
year old, 620 member jobs group on Yahoo called

Because I still have an inordinately high level of
passion for recruiting and coaching, I gladly accepted
the jobs group.

Imagine!  With all the groups I've given away, someone
gave ME a group!:-)

I changed the group's name to MyJobTIGER in order to
help motivate job seekers to help themselves by
focusing on one of my favorite acronymic mantras:
Today, I'll Get Even Richer!

I created this little acronym to foster a mentality
that has nothing to do with greed - but everything to
do with prospering in your career and in your life.

I’ve made the name change not merely because of new
ownership of the group but because of the great
importance of attitude in conducting a timely and
successful job search for you and your family.

Your job search is no time to be timid, meek, shy, a
lamb. Today, you must focus, focus, focus on finding
the right opportunity for you and your family. You
must be more assertive than you may have been
comfortable being in the past.

And while this may not be comfortable for you to
contemplate, as an experienced recruiter and career
coach, I've seen too many wonderfully talented people
miss out on great career opportunities by not trying
their best – every day – for at least 4 hours per day.
Your job search must be your job until your search
finds you a job.

You should work at it with the same assertiveness,
professionalism, concentration, and intensity of
purpose as you would if you were working as an
apprentice for Donald Trump. You must be relentless.
You must be focused. You must be strong. You must be a
tiger. And you must motivate yourself by saying things
to yourself such as, "Today, I'll Get Even Richer.
Today, I'll be a TIGER in my job search!

(NOTE: We know about those professionals who don't
like the word "must". But let's be realistic for a
moment: You MUST ignore them until you get the job you
MUST have in order to pay the rent. Once you have that
job, you, too, can become a person who no longer
believes in "must".)

Please visit the Files area for complementary
databases and career search materials. We encourage
you to join and invite friends and co-workers to join
us by sending an email to:

This is one of the few non-Linkedin-specific groups I
own.  It is NOT to compete with either Linkedin nor
with My Linkedin Power Forum.  Indeed, I see them
working quite nicely together.   If it desires to do
so, Linkedin management is also encouraged to share
jobs there, too.

It is not a socializing group.  It is only for people
who are ready to do the hard work to find the right
job.   Therefore, responsible recruiters are welcomed
to post jobs there.

Those things being said, because I really want to help
people get jobs in shorter time frames, the email
volume on MyJobTIGER, in all likelihood, will be LOTS
HIGHER than on My Linkedin Power Forum!!  

Thanks, and "Go get 'em, T.I.G.E.R."!

Vincent Wright Creator/Moderator,
My Linkedin Power Forum
SKYPE = WrightWayCoaching

Vincent Wright

Creator, My Linkedin Power Forum

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