Wednesday, July 06, 2005

[LinkedinBlogger] New members now receive: "How To Double Your Income in Six Months Using LinkedIn"

More good news, Everyone! :-)

Joe Bartling has agreed to let me offer all new MLPF
members his book, "How To Double Your Income in Six
Months Using LinkedIn"!

Joe has done an outstanding job in introducing us to
networking via the Linkedin way.  And he's done it in
a succinct, yet sensible and clear style.  Very easy
to read and very informative.

As mentioned in my earlier introduction of Joe's book,
"if you haven't already done so, I strongly, strongly,
strongly  encourage you to read the book!!  Within 90
minutes with it, you'll  feel better about your
knowledge of Linkedin!"

A few other ways of getting to Joe's book:

1. Go to the Files section on My Linkedin Power
Forum and look for  the PDF for "How to Double Your
Income in 6 Months Using Linkedin" or

2. Patiently and carefully cut and paste the long
URL below:


I'm looking forward to powering up my Linkedin
networking so I can double my income, too! :-)

Vincent Wright

Vincent Wright

Creator, My Linkedin Power Forum

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[LinkedinBlogger] Joint Marketing Partnership with JAD Communications & My Linkedin Power Forum

Hi, Everyone,
I’m very, very happy to announce a joint marketing
partnership agreement between JAD Communications and
My Linkedin Power Forum. 

JAD communication is headed up by Yvonne Brown, JAD’s
Chief Empowerment Officer. And she is also
Chicago-WITI Chapter Director.  (WITI = Women In
Technology International)

Yvonne and I met through BDPA Communications and will
be networking together to help women power up their
networking via Linkedin, MLPF, and JAD Communication

To find out more about Yvonne Brown and JAD
Communications, I invite you to:

1. Visit her Linkedin profile at:


2. I can hardly think of a better introduction for
Yvonne than the one expressed on the Women In
Technology International site at:  So, below
is an except from one of Yvonne’s many interviews:

Yvonne Brown is an internationally known speaker,
author, and human potential coach who has been quoted
in national and regional publications and textbooks.
Her commitment to living a life on purpose has
captivated audiences and changed the lives of people
worldwide. As a leading voice for taking control of
your own destiny, she has appeared on many television
and radio programs. Topping her deepest passions is
her commitment to helping people reach their potential
by breaking through self-limiting beliefs and taking
control of their own destiny.

Yvonne grew up in Kingston, Jamaica when it was still
the British West Indies and came to America in pursuit
of the American Dream. This Jamaican American Dreamer™
started out as a rock and roll singer and fashion
model. After transitioning to the field of technology
where she was a consultant for 23 years, she took a
sabbatical to write the book, Self Creation: 10
Powerful Principles For Changing Your Life and produce
the audio program Drawing Forth Your Personal Vision.

Yvonne was inducted into the IT Professional Hall of
Fame by Positive Image News and is listed in the
International Who's Who Historical Society of IT
Professionals. Yvonne speaks to audiences of corporate
executives, universities, career changers and
professional associations. She is the Chicago Regional
Director of Women In Technology International
( and the Regional Vice President of WITI
Unlimited. In January 2003 Yvonne partnered with the
world-renowned former talk show host, radio
personality and award winner Les Brown to provide
motivational training and inspiration to people and
help them achieve their dreams.

Yvonne lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband
Bill and son Charles. She holds a Degree in management
from DePaul University in Chicago, a degree in
Computer Science from the College of DuPage, and is an
adjunct professor at the University of Illinois at
Chicago in the Professional Development Program. She
is the founder of Ball of Gold Corporation, a human
capital management, training and consulting firm; and its personal motivation
and inspiration division, JAD Communications
Yvonne is passionate about helping women and teens.

I invite you to join me in welcoming this alliance
between JAD Communications and My Linkedin Power

Vincent Wright   
Creator, My Linkedin Power Forum
Developer, The PROSE System Meta-Methodology
"What good is motivation you can't remember?"

Vincent Wright

Creator, My Linkedin Power Forum

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Monday, July 04, 2005

[LinkedinBlogger] Linkedin Montage at Montage-a-Google

Here's one for those of you who may be more visually
oriented than text oriented. 

Grant Robinson's Montage-a-Google permits you to
search Google based on images.

The difference?

It builds the search results into a montage.

Once the montage is created, you'll be able to click
on different parts of the montage to look at search

I typed in the word "LinkedIn" and entertained myself
for a lot longer than I'm gonna admit! :-)

Here's the URL:

Try it! - You'll like it!
Vincent Wright
4 July 2005

Vincent Wright

Creator, My Linkedin Power Forum

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

[LinkedinBlogger] MLPF Official Group on Linkedin!!

Hi, Everyone,
Many of you have privately and publicly asked me about
My Linkedin Power Forum becoming an officially
recognized Linkedin group. Of course, being an
officially recognized Linkedin group would allow us to
use our group icon on Linkedin to help our ~1,500 MLPF
members to more easily recognize and network with each
other on Linkedin. 

Well, there’s a lot of new Linkedin power coming your
way!!  I'm happy to bring to your attention a note
from Linkedin positively addressing this issue, at

In a message written to MLPF by Robert Leathern,
LinkedIn Director of Marketing, we were told:

<snip>"MLPF should have its own LinkedIn group quite
soon, it is in process (one thing to keep in mind is
that groups are launched on a two-week cycle)." Robert
Leathern, LinkedIn Director of Marketing<snip> For
your reference this message is in our archives at MLPF
Message 4463 Fri Jul 1, 2005 9:47 pm From that date
stamp, I believe we should be officially up and
running by July 15th!!

Immediately upon our receiving the instructions on
setting up the group on Linkedin, we will share the
appropriate link with you.   Of course, as members of
MLPF, to make it easy for you to become a member of
the official MLPF group on Linkedin, you will
automatically receive your invitation the same day.

NOTE: We encourage you to invite friends, family, and
business associates who may need a business or career
boost to join us both here on My Linkedin Power Forum
as well as join our official group on Linkedin
because, "Our business is bringing Linkedin power to

I look forward to helping you to power up the Linkedin

Vincent Wright  
Creator/Moderator, My Linkedin Power Forum
4 July 2005

Vincent Wright

Creator, My Linkedin Power Forum

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