Monday, March 28, 2005

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Paul Allen: Internet Entrepreneur

Paul Allen: Internet Entrepreneur

The Referral as Gift: LinkedIn as Altruism :: AO

The Referral as Gift: LinkedIn as Altruism :: AO

Plaxo Community Forums: Plaxo and LinkedIn

Plaxo Community Forums: Plaxo and LinkedIn

Yahoo! 360 - The RSS Weblog -

Yahoo! 360 - The RSS Weblog -

Smart Mobs: Yahoo 360

Smart Mobs: Yahoo 360

Get Real: Social Networking Archives

Get Real: Social Networking Archives

A New Poll for Naming Arnnei Speiser's Linkedin Software - Yahoo! Groups : MyLinkedinPowerForum Messages

Yahoo! Groups : MyLinkedinPowerForum Messages : Message 787 of 787: "Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the
MyLinkedinPowerForum group:

Arnnei Speiser of Mega AS Consulting Ltd, has created a
tool that's already saved us lots of time. Let's return
the favor by helping him come up with a name for it. This
poll allows you to vote for more than one. The poll is
set up alphabetically with the first name of the creator +
their suggestions alphabetized. Though I suggested more
names, I won't collect a prize. It would go to the group

o Bala - LinkedInsight
o Christian - LinkedOut
o Maggie - LinkedIn-Energizer
o Maggie - LinkedIn Toolkit
o Marcel - ActiveLink
o Marcel - LinkedInActive
o Vincent � Linkedin Activator
o Vincent � Linkedin Communicator
o Vincent - Linkedin Emailer
o Vincent � Linkedin Extractor
o Vincent � Linkedin Gold
o Vincent � Linkedin Mailer
o Vincent � Linkedin Networker
o Vincent - Linkedin ReachOut
o Vincent � Linkedin Referrer
o Vincent - Linkedin Retriever
o Vincent - Linkedin ReachOut
o Vincent - Linkedin's ReachOut
o Vincent - Linkedin In Touch
o Vincent- Linkedin InTouch
o Vincent - LinkedInTouch
o Vincent � My Linkedin Buddies
o Vincent � My Linkedin Friends
o Vincent � My Linkedin Organizer
o Vincent - ReachOut from Linkedin

To vote, please visit the following web page:

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My Networking Passion(s)

Earlier today, someone asked me what are my passions

That's a GREAT question!

But it would be unfair to you for me to list all my passions since, in general, I'm passionate about the whole experience of life. I wish to emphasize that that statement is not mere hyperbole. But for the sake of simplicity and to focus on business, the top passions on the top of my head this morning are these:

1. My Linkedin Power Forum - I'm happy to have gotten over 500 exceptional men and women from around the world to join me there to discuss all manner of networking according to the Linkedin model. Stop by and introduce yourself!

2. The 'Working' part of Networking - Yes, I'm one of those. I'm endlessly passionate about working. For want of a better term, I easily qualify as a workaholic. But those who haven't really experienced it for at least a little part of their lives may be missing just the thing they need to resolve unresolved issues. Thus, I work not just for the money, but for the purpose.

3. Encouragement/Enthusiasm/Motivation/Empowerment - These are my loves in business because they all involve loving people. And loving people is what all business is about or else it is about nothing.

4. Yoga - Yoga saved my life at the end of my teen years. It's been a dear friend since. Even as I tried to explain to my Christian friends that the two are complementary to each other - not antagonistic. (Too complex to resolve here.)

5. Music - Music is a blessing. And I love the full spectrum it when the artist performing is sincere and non-egocentric
I included the last two because though they are not directly about business for me, they do flavor all business I do.

WONDERFUL question and thanks for asking!

Vincent Wright
My Linkedin Power Forum