Saturday, February 26, 2005

O.A.S.I.S. - An Easy Way To Introduce Yourself

WrightHandBlogging: O.A.S.I.S. - An Easy Way To Introduce Yourself

"My Linkedin Power Forum"

I created "My Linkedin Power Forum" to help Linkedin* users "power up" their networking.

The purpose of "My Linkedin Power Forum" is to help Linkedin users to power up their networking in order to do business better.

To do business better, we need to communicate better.

To do business better, we need to communicate faster.

To do business better, we need to communicate with more confidence and with less stress.

In his book, “Unlimited Power”, Tony Robbins accurately describes power when he says, “Communication is power.” And the corollary of course is “Power is communication”.

At 2 million users, Linkedin represents a LOT of potential power.

Thus, the main thing we work on in My Linkedin Power Forum is communicating the right thing the right way at the right time to the right people for the right purpose.

We hope to find, collect, and share 100 right ways to help you:

1. Forward requests faster (by having pre-made requests that you can use without sounding so plastic that you alienate the people you need to attract)

2. Decline uncomfortable requests faster (and without losing a relationship that might be of value to you. There is no need to forward what you’re uncomfortable with but you should never carelessly throw away a relationship, especially one that’s already in your “network”.)

3. Build and strengthen your Linkedin network by searching more effectively and by aggressively taking care of those already in your network

4. Use basic checklist points to help you to decide more quickly and with less stress a.)whether or not to forward or b.)whether you should reach out to connect

5. Profit in multiple ways from your networking: financially, intellectually, artistically, etc.

At least once a week, we'll post articles, forms, and links to help empower your Linkedin networking. (Remember to check the files section for the forms.)

Welcome aboard and let’s power up on Linkedin!

My Linkedin Power Forum Administrator*

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