Saturday, March 26, 2005

LinkedIn and Social Networking "Applications" | Association For Community Networking

LinkedIn and Social Networking "Applications" | Association For Community Networking

CYBAEA.NET :: LinkedIn and the Small World Search Problem

CYBAEA.NET :: LinkedIn and the Small World Search Problem

A Little Linkedin Fun from My Linkedin Power Forum!

A Little Linkedin Fun

Sometimes, even the most serious of us need a little diversion. So, I put together this list of 100 fun searches that might help people who are new to Linkedin get a better sense of what you can find among Linkedin’s 2+ Million professionals. The list might just start your creative juices flowing for people who you didn’t even know you wanted to meet. And for the advanced Linkedin user, betcha can’t read this whole list without trying one! :-)

There are people on Linkedin in each of the categories below:

1. Google (A little different googling “Google” into Linkedin! :-))
2. Craigslist (Craig’s here, too! :-))
3. Oprah
4. Disney
5. Pixar (The Toy Story Folks.)
6. Jeopardy
7. Wheel of Fortune
8. Magician (And while YOU might not be able to read minds, guess what I found when I typed in “Magician”? Yep, there’s a “Mind reader” on Linkedin! :-)
9. Circus
10. Funny
11. Comic/Comedian
12. Cartoon
13. Humorist
14. Ferrari
15. Rolls-Royce
16. Clown
17. Jokes
18. Football/Baseball/Basketball
19. Oscar/Emmy/Grammy
20. Months/Days (Jan-Dec/Mon-Sun. They are all there!)
21. My birth year (none of your business) and probably yours, too.
22. Entertainment
23. Amusement
24. Leisure
25. Vacation
26. Holiday
27. Tours
28. Attraction
29. Laughter (There’s a Chief Laughter Officer on Linkedin!)
30. Hobby
31. Saxophone
32. Seinfeld
33. Einstein
34. IMAX (The BIG Movie Guys.)
35. Joker
36. Jester (You might be surprised who this turns up for you! :-))
37. Shopping
38. Shoes
39. Rock
40. Jazz
41. Funk
42. Blues
43. Dance/Dancing
44. Las Vegas
45. Wedding (The Wedding Network is on Linkedin!)
46. Makeup
47. Fragrance
48. Skincare
49. Aromatherapy
50. Games/Gaming
51. Cash
52. Barter/Bartering
53. Golf
54. Fun
55. Jay Leno
56. Donald Trump
57. Ebay
58. Vibe
59. Wild
60. Jedi
61. Fans
62. Lakers
63. Celtics
64. Sixers
65. Knicks
66. The Chicago Bulls (Da Bulls are on Linkedin!)
67. Huskies
68. Hoyas
69. Hoosiers
70. Brats
71. Madonna
72. “Elton John”
73. “Pink Floyd”
74. “Jimi Hendrix”
75. “Academy Awards”
76. MTV
77. Beatles
78. “Rolling Stones”
79. Elvis (Yes. Elvis is on Linkedin!)
80. “Star Wars”
81. “Bossa Nova”
82. “Tango
83. “L'Ecole du Louvre” (Might as well find some cultcha! )
84. “Metropolitan Museum of Art”
85. Olympics
86. Radio
87. “Bubble Gum”
88. Silly
89. Bananas (Yep. Linkedin’s got them, too!)
90. Toothpaste (Just in case you really, really want to network face 2 face!)
91. “Cat Litter” (Can’t forget our cat lovers on the list)
92. “Dog Chow” (Now, you didn’t really think I’d forget our dog lovers, did you, Norena”?)
93. Friskies
94. Coca-Cola
95. Pepsi
96. 7UP
97. Vodka
98. Soup
99. Kitchen
100. Cabinet
101. Realtor
102. Lawn
103. Grass (Not THAT kind! :-))
104. Roses
105. Chocolate
106. Champagne
107. Beer/Wine/Cognac
108. Dishes
109. Diamonds
110. “The Phantom of The Opera”

And your thought you knew Linkedin!! :-)

So, relax and have a little fun - it might just be profitable for you!

Vincent Wright

My Linkedin Power Forum

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ecademy's Thomas Power PREFERS Linkedin OVER Ecademy!!

I just noticed something that's pretty startling to me: According to his Linkedin profile, Thomas Power, Chairman of Ecademy, seems to prefer LINKEDIN as his networking vehicle of choice!!


Bear with me for a minute and read this entire little 60 second essay, ok?

I mean, though about 7 months ago I paid for an Ecademy PowerNetworker membership which runs out in August 2005, this revelation by Thomas Power caught me completely off guard!

And now I'm beginning to think I should have spent the past 7months focusing on building up my network on the same platform one of the most successful people in the field actually USES to build his own networking empire!

Because if ANYONE knows how to really compare Ecademy vs. Linkedin, it should be the Founder who owns Ecademy but who, according to the numbers, prefers Linkedin so much that he's worked VERY hard and devoted LOTS of his business time building the largest of his public networks by a margin of almost 2 to 1 contacts ON Linkedin - not Ecademy!!


And since Thomas Power is well-known for his penchant for making more money, more money, more money, that says a LOT about the money making potential you, too, could find right now, right on Linkedin– FOR FREE!!! :-)

Now, I'm not the most brilliant man in the world, but if the number one networker on Linkedin who just happens to own a major competitor like Ecademy, labors to build SIX THOUSAND connections on a competitor's platform and has only 3,000 or so on his own competing platform where everybody knows his name, I'm going to follow his lead and also emphasize Linkedin over Ecademy so that I can make more money, too!! Wouldn't you?? Especially when I consider that Linkedin has 2 Million members AND – did I say? – it's FREE!!

I may be missing something here, so I'd LOVE to have your feedback on this.

Else, Linkedin networking*, here I come!!

Thanks, Thomas!

Vincent Wright
My Linkedin Power Forum

* By "networking", the author strongly wishes to imply and,indeed, EMPHASIZE true, "givers gain" networking that consists of actual communication and sharing among the business people in the network.